Do you have to have an MFA to post here?(undefined)
by justanotherloser | 15:51 Jul 04 2021

▲ tombetthauser [✭] 16:0 Jul 04 2021

Nope! "MFA Hole" just had more of a ring to it than "MFA, BFA or anyone devoting their lives to the arts Hole" :^) With that said it is probably geared a little more towards visual artists since Im a painter, which I realize is lame since there are other types of MFAs. So yeah, apologies on that... But the bottom line is that this is meant to be a totally open platform and all are welcome to use it in any way that feels useful for them. I'm only planning to moderate for stuff thats totally off topic, super mean or porny. Also no ones ever actually going to use this thing so theres that!